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Quran Cube Aroma Diffuser


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  • Full Quran Speaker
  • Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier
  • Multi Coloured Touch Lamp
  • Mobile App For Apple And Android

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  • 8 Full Recitations OF The Quran (Reciters)
  • Over 90 Nasheeds (No Music)
  • LED Multicoloured Touch Lamp
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Play Your Own Audio Using SD Card or Bluetooth
  • Alarm Clock


  • Mobile App Features:
    • Choose Quran Surah And Recitor From Mobile App
    • Play / Pause Audio
    • Control Volume
    • Turn Aroma Diffuser On / Off
    • Turn Lights On / Off
    • Choose Light Colour
    • Set Timers For Audio, Humidifier, Light

Reciters  :

      1. Sheikh Sudais
      2. Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly
      3. Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmy
      4. Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy
      5. Sheikh Shuraim
      6. Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi
      7. Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy (Arabic With English Translation)
      8. Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy (Arabic With Urdu Translation)
      9. Mixed Nasheeds

NOTE – The Quran Cube Aroma Diffuser Is Not Rechargeable – It Must Be Connected To A Power Source When In Use. 


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